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A Team-Led Team? What’s that?

Posted by shanemurphy on Friday, August 24, 2018

Hi. I’m Shane.

I’ve spent about the last 15 years growing as a leader. As any leader knows, some days are better than others. But when I look back at what was and what is, I’ve become more and more convinced that I’m onto something.

It really cemented itself in my mind this past Wednesday.

My team was in town for our bi-annual meeting, and my leadership team invited in two Culture experts to analyze our team and do a 4-hour “culture check” session.
The results that they shared were amazing (and quite humbling)!

In the United States, Gallup reports that only 33% of employees consider themselves “engaged” at work.

On our team? Over 90%.

We knew we had something special. Just not THIS special.

On this blog, I intend (intent-based leadership is just one of many #artnotscience approaches that we take to emancipate our team) to dive into the depths of our approach and why I believe that it works.


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